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Traditional Publishing or Self Publishing

One of the most hard to answer dilemmas a writer has to face in his or her life is not actually creating a piece of literature. It is actually how to publish the book. There are two very popular choices available for anyone looking to get their book published. They are, going with traditional publishing which is getting a publishing company publish your book for you or publishing your book by yourself.

Both of these options have their merits. Both of these options have their demerits too. However, depending on what each person is expecting your choice for publishing your book can change. It is something purely personal and based on what you are trying to achieve as a writer. Therefore, let us consider few topics that are going to be treated different under these two choices.

Book Rights

With traditional publishing you have to usually handover you book rights completely for a complete pay for a number of years they are going to publish the book or give them the right to publish the book for a number of years for a royalty. This means they will take every decision with regard to printing.

When you are publishing your own book you have the rights with you so you can decide whatever you want to do with the book. Every decision is yours.


With a traditional publishing venture you either get a complete payment for the book for the number of years the publisher is going to print your book or you get a ten percent royalty from every book that is sold. However, you do not have any printing cost to bear here.

In self-publishing you have to bear the printing cost. Still the profit will be higher than what you get as royalties. However, this is not going to make you a millionaire unless you have printing press of your own too.


Either way you have to be investing more time on marketing on your own as even a publishing company does not put much effort into marketing your book unless you are a famous writer. You can easily conduct a proper marketing campaign by getting the help of a professional advertising agency too, which is not going to cost too much these days.

These are some fields you have to consider when you are choosing the publishing option. However, if you are trying to establish yourself as a good writer as soon as possible publishing your book with a reputable publishing company is the best strategy.