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Benefits of Publishing Your Book on Your Own

Publishing a book is something that is not easy. If you are going to find a publisher you will have to face a lot of difficulties especially if you are new to the publishing world as a large number of publishing companies are not going to take notice of new authors who have no previous name recognition in the publishing world.

Even if you are going to publish the book on your own you will have to face some difficulties such as investing money to get the book professionally typeset and then design an attractive cover and finally get it printed. You will also handle all of the marketing and sales too. However, though there are these difficulties there are also some very valuable benefits of publishing your own book.

Freedom to Control Printing

When you are publishing your own book you have to right to control the printing part of the book. This means you are the one who will be deciding which stores should have the book, when you are going to print the book, when you are going to reprint the book, etc. This is quite good because this way you have the chance to have an idea about exactly how many books are printed at all times. Also, you are the only one who gets to decide if you need to pull your book from shelves or not.


If you can find the printing cost for the book you can actually make a better profit from selling your book on your own rather than getting a ten percent royalty from a publishing company. This may not be huge as you will not be able to print more than a thousand books at once. However, you are definitely going to get a larger profit than when you are getting a royalty from a publishing company.


You also get to handle the marketing side. You have to understand that though you might get some brand recognition when you are publishing the book with some huge publishing house when it comes to marketing, unless you are a well recognized author they usually are not going to do a marketing campaign for you. You have to do that on your own. So, either way you will be handling the marketing. You can use an advertising company’s help here and make some good noise about your book.

Publishing a book on your own is not a hard task as long as you have a plan and are ready to face challenges on the way.